Scientific and Educational Advisor

a science centre of excellence

Advisory Committee

  • Mr. Avinash Haval (Managing Trustee)

  • Mr. Satish Naik (Secretary)

  • Mrs. Lata Naik (Trustee) 

  • Mr. Anand Nair (Trustee)

  • Mr. Gajanan Kandalgaonkar (Trustee)

  • Mr. Yogesh Prabhu (Trustee)

O U R  T E A M

Founder - Mr. C. B. Naik
  • Mr. Ashok Rane

  • Mr. Shekhar Dhavle

  • Mr. Dayanand Poojary

  • Mr. Rajiv Varatak

  • Mr. Unmesh Sawant

  • Dr. Nandan Samant

  • Mr. Rajendra Kesarkar

  • Mr. S. V. Prabhukhanolkar

  • Mr. Santosh Walavalkar

  • Mr. Satish Talekar

  • Mr. Kedar Mahadeshwar

  • Mr. Lallit Mahadeshwar


  • Dr. Madhuri Sawant

Honorable Members

CB as he is fondly called by his loved ones gave up his lucrative job in Bank of India and decided to dedicate his life to the upliftment of rural children. His wife Lata Naik, a teacher and two daughters were his initial support life lines. His inspiration and philosophical guru was Baba Amte with whom he spend around 25 years which also included the grand around India during the "Bharat Jodo Andolan". It was during this movement that CB got the divine direction for his work.

Mr. Ramesh Kacholiya                              Dr. Anil Nerurkar, M.D.P.C (USA) ​                     Mr. Ananth Rajwade                                 Mr. Siddharth Kak 

Mr. Y. M. Deosthali                                    Dr. Nandan Samant                                         Mr. Indrajeet Sawant                                Mr. Rajeev Vartak 

Mr. Vasant Sawant                                    Mr. Kedari Pathade                                         Mr. Suresh Gavas                                      Mr. Lakshman Kiripale