a science centre of excellence


To work with nature towards accumulation of knowledge and intelligence.

To nurture a young scientific mind which will eliminate the thoughts of superstition.

To teach each and every kid in the rural village to doubt all that is believed and feared.

To cultivate the thought of a radical thinking this will involve a Scientific Approach.

To reconstruct rural India with the emphasis on development of Scientific Attitude.

O U R  M I S S I O N

Vasundhara was founded in 1995 as a Public charitable Trust with main objective of working in areas of rural reconstruction with special emphasis on Development of Scientific Attitude in rural masses and particularly upgrading the standard of Science & Mathematics education in rural schools.

This is unique and one of its kind educational project reaching out to the rural population in Sindhudurg region. Vasundhara goes to various schools in rural areas with a mobile science laboratory, which can carry science instructors along with various laboratories equipments and material. Nearly 1200 students from 90 villages are benefiting from this program. The mathematics and the other subjects taught by the specially trained teachers from Vasundhara using the various new methods of education like Hands on Activities, audio-visual etc has now become more of a Peoples Education Project spreading education and health awareness among the rural masses.

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